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Pre School Summer Camp

Cool Creations Summer Camp 2015!

For Ages 5-10
At Cool Creations, each week of camp is dedicated to a different STEM project that is both fun and engaging. Campers explore and tackle a variety of situations and use their math and general problem-solving skills to address them. Through projects like designing a playground, rocket building, crafting video games and programming their own robots, students will experience what it would be like to be an architect, aerospace engineer, industrial engineer, and video game programmer. Every day campers also have ample opportunity to do the things that are typically done in a summer camp such as swimming, field trips, sports, games and other fun physical activities.

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What is PBL?

Project-Based Learning is used by teachers to foster camper connection and discovery in their learning experience. Campers will use Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and Art to create a final project which reflects their exploration in learning. Whether it be a rocket, robot, or planning for a park, campers are involved in building and constructing specific projects. When campers come away from a lesson, seeing something that they have created, it rewards them with a sense of accomplishment and pride.

Learning for the 21st Century

Developed by Stanford University, the Redbird Mathematics digital curriculum features the latest in adaptive instruction, gamification, and digital project-based learning. Campers will use Redbird's digital platform to research, create and delve deeper into each weekly project-based theme. Redbird's digital platform is a fantastic resource to help campers complete projects that address real-world problems with tools used by STEM professionals!
Visit Redbird Advanced Learning to learn more.

Camp Themes

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  Week 1: Build a Rocket

  Week. 2: Design an Amusement Park

  Week 3: Develop a Video Game

  Week 4: Program a Robot

  Week 5: Shipwreck

  Week 6: Escape the Zombie Apocalypse

  Week 7: Design the Next Generation of Toys

Extended Day

June 29 - August 7
For families who wish for their camper's experience to continue on after 2pm, OASIS DAY CAMP IN CENTRAL PARK, is available! Cool Creations Campers will join up with their age-appropriate Oasis group in Central Park for their afternoon activity periods. Periods will vary from Sports & Games, Creative & Performing Arts, or Outdoor Adventure & Nature Exploration. For more details visit Oasischildren.com." Extended day begins on June 29th!

Camp Dates
June 22 - August 7
Camp will be closed on July 3
Contact Information
Michelle Cristella
Camp Director
Questions? Email us at cool.creations@mandellschool.org
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