Mandell Summer Camp 2016

Unlock the ​possibilities and join us to experience and explore the wonders of summer camp!


Adventure awaits at Junior Explorer Bridge Camp, a half-day, drop-off summer program designed to help Mandell children transition into their new grade in the coming fall. Participating children will get to meet some of their classmates and teachers, and become familiar with the routines and expectations of their new class.
Junior Explorer Summer Camp (General Public)                            
Ages 3.5 to 5                                                            
Adventure continues into July at Junior Explorer Camp for ages 3.5-5 year olds, as we welcome new and old friends. Explore music, art, nature, sports, geography and food from around the globe. Build your child's confidence, independence and Pre K readiness as they discover, create and explore all summer long!

Ages ​5 to ​10
  • Explore the world of STEM: science, technology, engineering, and math
  • Engage in project-based learning to solve real world problems
  • Foster leadership and teamwork skills as campers work on a common goal
  • Have fun, while discovering new friendships and learning!

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