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The Upper School aims to support students through early adolescence and to prepare them for the challenges of high school. The program combines a rigorous curriculum with a highly trained and dedicated faculty to prepare students, academically, emotionally and physically for the next stage of their life. Students begin to assume increasing levels of individual responsibility for their learning and are encouraged to be independent, express themselves, ask questions, take risks and build meaningful relationships.

Small classes help to build confidence and a collaborative community to share ideas and build relationships among the students. Academics are balanced with a comprehensive arts program providing a strong, well-rounded educational foundation. Classes in musical instrumentation, and the visual and performing arts strengthen communication and public speaking skills building self-esteem and confidence. In the expansive technology program, students learn how to use current software programs and technology tools to assist in research, enhance units of study, and produce oral and visual presentations. In addition to the mastery of core academic subjects, students learn vital life skills including how to prioritize, effective study strategies, self-discipline and time management. Through committees, clubs and community service, students have many opportunities to assume roles of leadership and to interact with other schools, communities and countries. The physical education and athletic programs promote physical fitness, sportsmanship, cooperation and increased academic performance.

The Upper School years are a special time in a student’s personal life and academic career and we have implemented a system of support to help students through these crucial years. In the Upper School, specialized teachers teach core disciplines. Students are assigned two of these specialists as their homeroom teacher and advisor to serve as academics counselors and social-emotional mentors for the students. Advisors meet with students on a regular basis to keep track of their academic progress and social development and to be a constant source of support. This arrangement allows for the advisors to get to know the students and to understand each of their unique needs. Advisors are in communication with other teachers, parents and the Head of the Upper School throughout the school year.

Tiffany Wycoff
Head of the Upper School

    Tiffany Wycoff
 Head of the K-8 School
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