Congratulations to all of our Pre School graduates! Click here for the complete list of Kindergarten acceptances for the 2015-2016 school year.
Congratulations Mandell and thank you Juliette Guarino, our Lower School Science Specialist and Sustainability Chairperson!
"Factors Effecting Outcomes in Education" Speaker, author of The Teacher Wars
On Saturday, November 8 at the NYC Ed Tech Family Day A’Fair... 
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Mon / Apr
Week A
time: All Day
Mon / Apr
West Village Preschool Spring Tour
time: 9:00 AM
location: 160 Christopher Street
Mon / Apr
Grade 7 High School Placement Meeting
time: 6:00 PM
location: 795 Columbus Avenue, Amanda Morton's Room
Tue / Apr
Lincoln Square Preschool Spring Tour
time: 8:45 AM
location: 150 Amsterdam Avenue
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Tech Fest 2015
Don't miss the K-8 student and curriculum movies, tech and coding labs, webcasts, software demonstrations and more!
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