The Mandell School -> "Writer's Block" by Tiffany Della Vedova, Head of the Upper School

The Mandell School performs at Jewish Home Lifecare

The Mandell School Parent Chorus performed at the Jewish Home Lifecare nursing home on February 24, 2011. See the photo and find out the favorite song chosen by the residents of the perfomance by clicking here.

Preschool is off to a great start!

We have had a fabulous start to the new year and we could not be happier!  We are so thrilled to see all our returning families and to welcome all the new Preschool families to Mandell. Congratulations to the faculty and families of our new West Village location on a fantastic opening.
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Instilling Independence In Your Child

What instilling confidence in Preschool children really means, what parents can expect and how they can teach their children confidence at such an early age.
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The "Surprise Garden" at Lincoln Square

It seems the "Surprise Garden" at Lincoln Square is actually more of a magical garden; defying expectation. During free play its spell takes over causing imaginations to run wild and hypnotizing children to engage and collaborate.
Read on unlock the mystery behind Lincoln Square's Surprise Garden.

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"Complaining: How It Affects Our Children"

We are all guilty of it and have been on the receiving end of it at one time or another. But do we ever really think about the consequences of our complaining or how it can be perceived; especially by our children?
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2013-2014 Elementary and Preparatory PA Officers

Click "read more" to learn about the new 2013-2014 Elementary and Preparatory Parents' Association heads.

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Chemical and Physical Enhancements; Do They Make the World More Inclusive? by Ben Chant, Head of the Lower School

When my nine year old asked, "Why did Lance Armstrong lie for so long?" I didn't have a neat answer. 
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Student and Actor, Olivia Delivers! by Melissa Franqui

Eighth Grader Olivia Nikkanen is no stranger to managing schedules, getting ready for auditions, and of course, hitting the books. When she is not studying hard, she’s memorizing lines and looking for opportunities to perform.   
Most recently, Olivia was featured on CBS’ "The Good Wife" and "Person of Interest." Olivia said the following about taking on different and exciting roles, “I find it really interesting to be able to become a character and to understand how I can connect to that character and their thoughts. Acting has really helped me step out of my comfort zone. I'm happy when I act. It is what I want to do for the rest of my life.”

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"You Are Not Alone" by the Seventh Grade Technology Class

Before Election Day, Parents Can Teach Their Children All About The Presidential Election

How to include our children in the political process this election season.
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2013 Spring Celebration and Auction

We are very pleased and excited to announce that the 2013 Spring Celebration and Auction will be held on Thursday, May 9th at the New-York Historical Society located on Central Park West at 77th Street. 
The event will feature a cocktail reception catered by Steven Starr with a live and silent auction to raise money for the Scholarship Fund.  Currently, (22%) of students receive some form of financial aid. What that means is a richer, more diverse and vibrant community for all of our children.

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Toddlers on Technology by Patti Summers

Book Preview: Toddlers on Technology

Patti Summers is Head of the Parenting Program at Mandell, and is publishing a book entitled Toddlers on Technology due out this spring!

When asked about the book and what inspired her to write it, she said, “Very young children are different since the introduction of the iPad in May 2010, and there’s a need to help parents understand the optimal ways to work with mobile technology so that their children can thrive in all areas of development.  They have an enthusiasm about learning that they didn’t all have before the ipad.  They’re very excited about learning.  They’re doing more complex tasks now at an earlier age.  They enjoy learning from the ipad with its positive reinforcement.  The book will show parents how to balance their child’s work on an ipad with their social and emotional development."

Patti has been working with Mandell students and parents for over 5 years. She conducts workshops on various parenting issues such as separation, discipline and sibling rivalry. Group or individual parenting sessions are also available each morning at the different sites. Click here for a schedule of workshops and office hours beginning in February, including a six-session course in child development called Principles of Early Childhood Education. These sessions are at no cost to Mandell community members , and you can sign up or request session info by emailing Patti at  (email).

New Mandell Preschool Opening In The West Village 2013

Mandell's New West Village Preschool Location Featured in DNAinfo.
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Mabel Runyon in The Nutcracker at Lincoln Center

How long have you been dancing?
I’ve been dancing for 3 years at SAB (The School of American Ballet) but I started dancing when I was two.

Was it always ballet or different kinds of dance?
It was always ballet.

Do you remember who introduced you to dance?
My parents introduced me to dance when they started taking me to ballets and lots of things that were related to dance.

Was your mom or dad a dancer?
No, my mom or dad were not dancers but I just became interested in the subject and I wanted to take an audition at The School for American Ballet to see if I could get in.

Where is the school?
The School is at Lincoln Center, right next door to the Julliard School.

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Kick Off The New year & Celebrate Valentine's Day with Mandell friends

When:   Saturday, February 9th
              6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Where:  795 Columbus Avenue

The Mandell Social Committee is busy planning a fun event for parents.  Kick off the new year and celebrate Valentine's Day with Mandell friends.  We hope you will be able to join us for what is sure to be a fun event.

Details and formal invitation to follow but be sure to mark your calendars now!

Mandell Students Featured On NBC Dateline

The sweetest gifts in life can be found in the mind and voice of a child. The innocence of their perspective and the honesty of their thoughts is why we hold them so dear and why, frankly, these last several weeks have been so difficult and heartbreaking for our parents, educators and our country.  

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Ben Chant Accepts as Permanent Head of the Lower School

We are happy to announce that Benedict Chant, current Interim Head of the Elementary
Division, has accepted the position as permanent Head of the Lower School.

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Mandell Prep Presents Finding Green at TEDxYouth Conference at The School at Columbia University

On November 17, Mandell Prep students presented and discussed their documentary Finding Green at the TEDXYouth ”Dream Big…Then Do It!” conference at The School at Columbia.
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Mandell’s Third Grade invited to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of famed Goosebumps book series

Late last month, our Third Graders joined Scholastic in celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Goosebumps at the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum.
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The Mandell School featured in The Wall Street Journal

Kindergarten admissions can be challenging for New York City parents.
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