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Overview of Curriculum

The Mandell School was founded on the principles of good citizenship, kindness and community. We value and teach respect, collaboration and diversity, and have been devoted to developing responsible, active citizens of the world since 1939. Mandell believes that children learn best with differentiated instruction. We support the concept that not all children learn the same way and that the educational development of each child is unique and should be appreciated in the classroom. Through this differentiated instruction, Mandell enables its students to define for themselves how through their education, emotional development and individual passions, they can change the world.

Our curriculum is first and foremost a collaborative exploration amongst parents, teachers, students and administration to sustain our student's ability to learn and grow. It teaches fundamental skills in a creative and dynamic way while fostering an appreciation for the values of listening, kindness, community and diversity. Mandell curriculum is unique while challenging; it recognizes a child's potential to achieve extraordinary feats both inside and outside the classroom. Requiring high expectations of both students and teachers, we consistently provide opportunities for communication, creative problem-solving and self reflection. Our curriculum is developed by teachers who are passionate about their work and who love and respect the children in their care. It is designed to nurture and develop self-esteem, creativity, and to inspire our students to make a meaningful impact on the world.

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