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Eighth Grade Reflects on their Dominican Republic Service Trip    
Compiled by Nadya H. '14

When returning from the Dominican Republic, the students and teachers were asked to reflect on their most memorable moment while at Orfanato Niños de Cristo and what they gained from it. Here is what they had to say...
Head of School, Rick Brown    

When I arrived at the Mandell School, it was in the role of Interim Head of the Prep Division, for what was to be a one year appointment. Three years later, I am honored to accept the appointment as Head of School, and I do so with genuine humility and excitement.

Tech Fest Sneak Preview    
Mark your calendars for the JK-8 Tech Fest on May 8!
The Tech Fest will include exciting presentations by Technology professionals and Mandell students.  Patti Summers, author of Toddlers on Technology and former Head of Mandell's Parenting program, will be talking about young children and their relationship to technology. We will have an expert panel joining via video call for parents to learn about blended environments. This panel includes the following experts:
  •  Eric Sheninger, High School Principal and author of Digital Leadership. Click here to learn more about Eric Sheninger.
  •  Karen Blumberg, Technology Integrator and Leader at The School at Columbia University.
  •  Greg Klein, Director of Blended Learning at Rogers Foundation. Mr. Klein works with Oakland, CA district schools to personalize learning through blended models.

Elementary students will be presenting a variety of technology projects. Preparatory students will be leading workshops on their learning platforms (Google Drive, Schoology and other learning apps).

Mandell Faculty Mentoring in the Educational Community by Ben Chant, Head of the Elementary Division    
By Ben Chant, Head of the Elementary Division

The fact that our teachers are asked to mentor new teachers is an indicator of the respect our faculty enjoy in the NYC Independent School world.

Exploring Real World Mathematics    
by Lyman Casey, Preparatory Math Teacher
I have long been concerned with America’s propensity to spend more money than it earns. More and more, articles are published with titles such as “Only 41% of Americans spend less than their income” and “The Overspent American.” Furthermore, we see many different advertisements for all of the benefits available to those who spend money on different credit cards. This concern inspired me to design a classroom project about credit cards and the potential danger they represent.
Finding the "Universal" in Pre K by Gabriella Rowe, Head of School    
By Gabriella Rowe, Head of School
In her recent article on Huffingtonpost.com, Gabriella discusses what Pre Kindergarten should--and can--be in response to Mayor Bill de Blasio's administration's report detailing its proposal for free Pre Kindergarten education.
Learning to Give Back    
By Michelle Cristella, History teacher, Director of Secondary School Placement, advisor

An essential element of our mission statement is “to create responsible active citizens of the world”.  One way in which our dedicated team of preparatory teachers strives to do this is through Mandell’s comprehensive service learning program. The integration of service learning into our curriculum allows for students to apply and use the skills learned in class to real world situations, further enhancing their learning and making it more meaningful. Teachers and students collaborate weekly to plan service learning projects, develop action plans for implementation, and ensure that within each project, curricular skills are being learned, used, and reinforced. Each grade of the preparatory division has a specific focus, driven by student interest, for their service learning experience.

Athletic Director, Gus Ornstein, selected as Head Coach of the USA National Team for the 2013 Euro-American Challenge International Scout Bowl.    
Understanding Blended Learning and its Place in the Future of Education    
On November 22, Tiffany Della Vedova, Head of the Preparatory Division and Jason Green from Rocket Learning conducted a workshop on Blended Learning in the Preparatory Division.

Mandell receives the 2013 Blackboard award for Environmental Awareness    
On Monday, November 18, The Mandell School was awarded the 2013 Blackboard Excellence in Education Award for Environmental Awareness from Manhattan Media, a parent company of New York Family magazine.
Art and Technology Teacher, Peter Fletcher, Selected to Decorate the White House for Christmas    
Mandell Third Graders Confront Life’s Many Mysteries in Science    
By Juliette Guarino, Science teacher
“Existence really is an imperfect tense that never becomes a present.”
I like to think that this quote, attributed to famed philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, reflects the often bewildering nature of the phenomenon we refer to as “life.” There are people who dedicate their lives to biology, or “the study of living organisms,” with the purpose of demystifying what we frequently refer to as “the mysteries of life.” In return, science takes pleasure in challenging us by providing as many additional questions as it does answers.

Building Character One Book at a Time    
By Nicole Arndt, Director of Literacy and Learning Services
Respect, collaboration, and diversity are important values of the Mandell School community. We strive to develop a sense of character within our students, where good judgment and individual passions ignite their desire to be responsible and active citizens of their community. Our literacy program is a starting place for such work, where all students, JK-4, explore various types of characters within their books to learn valuable lessons about life.
Preparatory Curriculum Corner: Assessment    
By Tiffany Della Vedova, Head of the Preparatory Division
In reference to educational growth, we frequently hear touted, as a desired outcome, that schools will help “lay the foundation” for future student success. At Mandell, our building process differs in one key way from this ubiquitous goal. As stated in our Mission, Mandell provides “a blueprint for learning.”
Social and Emotional Curriculum    
By Ben Chant, Head of the Elementary Division
A little bit of anxiety is a good thing. It focuses the mind wonderfully before a big task like a test or public speaking. It keeps us alert as we cross Columbus Avenue. What it does not do is help deep comprehension and reflection. In Elementary those are our main goals. We want the children to understand the interesting, well thought out materials we present them, but we also want them to begin to understand the biggest mystery of all: themselves.

Diversity Meeting: We Are Mandell follow up    
The PA held its first diversity meeting, We Are Mandell: Diversity Matters, on Thursday, October, 24. WE ARE MANDELL, has been the PA's ongoing theme to remind us all that the spirit of community and citizenship matters in all that we do!

Ernest Boyer, states in his book In Search of Community, “in order for a community to develop fully it must have purpose, be open to ideas and value others.” Thus, as parents and educators, we along with the children of Mandell must be mindful that we should always foster a spirit of inclusion.

The PA discussion focused on diversity and inclusion in all forms within the independent school setting and how it shapes the well-being of our children in today's society. Diversity is not only defined by race and ethnicity, but includes: socio-economic status, religion, sexual orientation, family make-up, gender diversity, learning abilities, and social emotional learning.
Professional Development Day at Mandell    
Our wonderfully diverse faculty has a few things in common: their belief in our school mission and the idea that not all children learn in the same way. Another commonality among our faculty is passion. Our faculty is passionate about teaching and learning and constantly strives to bring that passion to the classroom each day for our students and for themselves.

To support our belief in differentiated instruction, our faculty endeavors to always teach the curriculum in exciting and engaging ways and to bring fresh, innovative ideas into the classroom.
Elementary Spotlight Book    
By Deanna Bocchetti, Assistant Head of the Elementary Division
 This year in the Elementary division we are launching an exciting new program called Spotlight Book. Five times this year every class, Junior Kindergarten through Fourth, will read the same picture book over the course of a month. Spotlight Book kicked off this month with the book Garmann’s Summer, by Stian Hole.
Autumn in the UWS Pre School! Happy Halloween!    
By Myrna Stuart, Upper West Side Pre School Director

From green faced witches in Pre Nursery, to dried apple witches in Nursery; from tissue paper pumpkins in Toddler to stuffed paper bag pumpkins in Nursery; from glitter bats in Pre Nursery to bats of the rainforest in the Pre K, the Pre School has been immersed in the sights, sounds and smells of Autumn. We have been walking through pumpkins vines and apple trees, and as the teachers ask “What did you do this weekend”, we often hear all about their apple picking adventures with their families.
Pre K Rainforest Headdresses    
By Kate Sylvain, Lincoln Square Director
What do red-eyed tree frogs, scarlet macaws, leopards, green emerald tree boas, and leaf cutter ants have in common?  Well, two things actually. Firstly, they are all animals who live in the rainforest. Secondly, they are all animals, amongst many others, that will adorn Lincoln Square Pre K’s headdresses for their Rainforest Breakfast Feast that takes place in a few weeks.

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