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Secondary School Placement


Secondary school placement at Mandell aims to facilitate successful transition of our Eighth Grade students to a variety of selective high school environments. The process is focused on determining the high school options that are a “best fit” for each student’s academic, social, and emotional needs and capabilities. Therefore, we believe the school search and placement process should be a highly personalized experience and we are committed to providing individualized guidance to families and students. Each student’s individual talents and each family’s educational plan are unique components of the process. Our general objective is to help determine target, reach, and safety options for each student through an analysis of academic transcripts, school performance, talents, and student/family needs and desires. The process includes: identifying high school options, standardized testing, school applications, letters of recommendation, student essays, parent questionnaires, student interviews, and applications for financial aid when necessary. Mandell is dedicated to working with students and families to ensure a successful Eighth Grade experience and transition to high school.

Program Outline

The formal counseling process at Mandell begins in the spring of students’ Seventh Grade year. At this time the Director of Secondary School Placement will begin to meet with individual families, and students will begin to receive support via advisory and an additional placement course. Advisory and placement support will continue into students’ first semester of Eighth Grade and will focus on:
  • identifying individual values, needs, desires, and talents
  • portfolio creation and talent distinction
  • exploring and researching school options
  • developing a basic understanding of the placement process
  • test preparation
  • essay writing
  • interview skills

The process concludes in the second semester of Eighth Grade as high schools inform families of application decisions.

Secondary School Acceptances
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