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Library Program

The Mandell library is a learning environment designed to foster literacy and a lifelong love of books. Centrally located, the library is the heart of our academic program. It is the perfect place for Lower and Upper School students to gather with friends and each other to discuss books, conduct research, collaborate on projects or just sit and enjoy a good book.

The library houses over 12,000 volumes with an experienced librarian to oversee daily circulation and library instruction. The collection includes children’s picture books, junior fiction novels, non-fiction books, biographies, and middle school fiction.

The Librarian works collaboratively with the classroom teachers to teach students information literacy skills and encourage book choices that complement the curriculum. Students may check out books at anytime during library hours and can access the library’s web-based catalog at school or from home. Lower School classes are scheduled in the library on a weekly basis, and the library time is devoted to library instruction, browsing and selecting books and reading stories that connect to the curriculum.

The Upper School students visit the library on a flexible schedule with an emphasis on information and media literacy. They use the library to check out books and to develop and hone essential analytical and research skills in the context of specific core curriculum projects. The library, coupled with technological tools integrated throughout the division, provide broad access to online resources and databases. Students are taught how to effectively gather and analyze data to support and validate their theories and hypotheses. The practice of research cultivates critical thinking skills as students assess and determine the difference between credible and erroneous information. Students are strongly encouraged to obtain a library card from the New York Public Library to access NYPLs extensive database collection from home or classroom.

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