Our integrated curriculum makes our Lower and Upper Schools a very special place. By weaving enduring knowledge across subject areas, we help children make important connections while they are learning. This is a natural way for them to learn, as it makes the material more meaningful. While we encourage students to pursue their individual interests in many areas, their core foundation remains that of an integrated, developmentally-appropriate learning experience.

Lower School
Lower School students, Kindergarten through the 4th Grade, develop solid foundations in reading, writing and mathematics and are supported as they gain confidence in their abilities as independent learners. Through small group and individualized work, students master early academic skills and become effective readers, problem solvers, and communicators. Students have courses in Math, Science, Social Studies, World Languages, Library, Music, Drama, Art, Technology, Wellness, and Physical Education.

The Lower School is a place of exploration, self-discovery, and hands-on learning. We believe that engaging children while they are learning increases understanding and interest in academics. Our hands-on approach caters to different types of learners, and differentiates for a developmental range of children. The integration of technology into the classroom helps our teachers develop engaging and interactive ways to expose students to important skills and strategies. In addition, teachers employ a multi-sensory approach to learning that complements each aspect of the curriculum.

Upper School
Students in the Upper School, Fifth through Eighth Grade, begin to assume increasing levels of individual responsibility for their learning within a highly supportive environment. Beginning in the 5th grade, students are assigned Advisors. These advisors serve as academic counselors, school-based advocates, and social-emotional mentors for students as they grow through the various stages of their Upper School experience.
The introduction of formalized subjects including English, Math, History, Science, Language, occurs with the sustained Mandell commitment to interdisciplinary, differentiated learning. Students explore connections from their core academic studies throughout the program as they also engage in the enriching study of Technology, Music, Visual Arts, Drama, and Wellness/Physical Education. Integrated community service and extramural learning experiences provide synthesized application of skills acquired in the various subject areas. In addition, students have the opportunity to play intramural and competitive sports with other schools in the area.

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