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Mandell in the Making

The Mandell Preschool was founded in 1939 by Max Mandell, a pioneer in early childhood education.      
Mr. Mandell believed that, in order to flourish, every young child must have a nurturing and stimulating environment focused on providing for their unique and individual development. He also believed that supporting the families of young children is a significant part of an educator’s role. Mr. Mandell understood the importance of exposing children to different environments and experiences.
A brownstone, on 94th Street between Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues in Manhattan, served as both a school and a home to the Mandell family. The basement, first and second floors were used as classrooms and the family lived on the third and fourth floors.  
In 2012, Mandell opened a second Preschool location in Lincoln Square and, in September 2013, a third Preschool location in the West Village.


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