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Visual Arts

The visual arts program is designed to provide students with the opportunity to express themselves artistically and to enrich and develop a life-long appreciation for the arts. Children are curious about visual art. They enjoy exploring art materials and techniques, and their art making reflects their personal interests and experiences. During the school year, the focus of student learning is developing the skills to use a variety of materials and tools to create art while developing and refining motor skills. Students have the opportunity to explore, imagine and use various art media while learning the creative process and developing the ability to engage in creative problem-solving.
The curriculum’s emphasis is placed on individual expression, communication, multi-cultural art experiences, aesthetics, and art history. Students engage in their natural creativity while creating meaningful pieces of art that are as unique as the artists themselves. Students have the opportunity to communicate through the visual arts during “art talks” and through observation and discussion during “art walks.” In addition, focus on the elements and principles of art and design (such as line, shape, color, pattern, rhythm, and texture) are an integral part of what makes up each art experience. A diverse range of cultures and art genres are explored throughout the year, giving students a full artistic experience.

The study of visual arts includes not only what is traditionally defined as the fine arts— drawing, painting and sculpture—but also includes crafts such as weaving, ceramics, architecture, graphic design, fashion design, and industrial design. Our visual arts program guides students through the creative process and develops the ability to engage in creative and critical thinking while designing original, quality art works in a variety of media. Our program emphasizes the understanding of concepts and the demonstration of knowledge and skill to produce works of art.
A visual vocabulary will be taught and expanded upon from Kindergarten through 8th grade. The study of art from various cultures and historical periods helps students understand how art relates to diverse civilizations. The components of visual art (elements) and the arrangement of these elements to produce specific effects (the principles of design) will be studied and learned throughout the school year.

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