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Citizenship in Action

Community outreach is an important part of student life at The Mandell School. Our community outreach projects and initiatives are a way for us to reinforce through action our philosophical blueprint. We strive to demonstrate citizenship to our community in both small actions like our Parent Chorus performing at a senior center, and in larger projects as well, such as our Bloomingdale Library initiative.
Rick Brown, our Head of School, serves on Community Board Seven, and is very active in the Upper West Side community. We are very proud to serve the community that we have been a part of since 1939.
Throughout our early childhood division there are a number of initiatives involving both parents and children that are designed to support the local community.
Beginning in the Kindergarten class, community outreach becomes a unit of study and remains an essential part of the students' curriculum through the Eighth Grade.
Each school year, students will select a community service project that they will be responsible for developing and implementing. Each community project must include three basic elements: Education, Action, and Outreach. Students problem solve how to run their project, with the support of Mandell teachers and staff.

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